You heard it right, our 2017 conclave theme is Bananas! Why bananas? The banana is something that unites us all. It’s something that is unique and can be turned into so many wonderful things. You’ve always been obsessed by the banana but you just didn’t know it before.

How can our lodge win with a banana theme?

We’re glad we asked! It’s simple. Like we said before, the banana is something that will unite us. Along with our theme, we’re announcing one of the special delegate items. The first 200 youth who register for conclave will be given a free banana suit. Adults can purchase a banana suit online ahead of time.

Am I obsessed with bananas?

Yes, you are. We all are. You might not have known it but the banana fascinates you. Just watch this video about bananas and you’ll become obsessed.

What is our patch going to look like?

Imagine a peeling banana patch! Can it happen? We’ll have to wait and see what ends up in your delegate packet.

Where can I learn more about Conclave and when can I register?

You can learn more about conclave on our conclave page. Registration is now open and remember that the banana suits are limited to the first 200 youth that register!

Conclave Information