What is American Indian Activities (AIA)?

AIA is a program within the Order of the Arrow where we honor the Native American cultures. Order of the Arrow traditions began at Treasure Island Scout Camp in Delaware near the Lenape Tribe.  All Lodge youth and adult members have the opportunity to participate in the following American Indian Affairs. AIA is a fun way to serve the Lodge while upholding the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. There are two areas of AIA: Ceremonies, and dancing. All areas also need support staff or Witschindin (Helper). 


The purpose of ceremonies is to provide an unforgettable experience for candidates. No matter the membership level, every Arrowman was once an Ordeal candidate, and it is likely the Arrowman remembers one of their ceremonies well. Ceremonies are part of the induction process into the Order of the Arrow that explains the Ordeal and values of the Order of the Arrow. There are 4 ceremonialist roles in each ceremony team: Allowat Sakima, Meteu, Kitchkinet, and Nutiket. Teams can be created within your chapter or a combination of people from different chapters for a Lodge wide team. Our foundational principles are brought to life for each Arrowman through stories told to him as he participates in ceremonies and as he gains greater knowledge about our order.

Contact Information: 

2024 Chairman: Bishop McGregor
2024 Advisor: Michael Harrelson
Email: ceremony@lodge104.net


Dancing consists of the different Native American pow wow dance styles for both men and women. Dancers learn about the dance styles, how to make dance clothing, crafts, and dance etiquette at pow wows, and of course how to dance. The lodge has many loaner sets of dance clothing prepared and ready for those interested in learning to dance. There are dance competitions for each individual style of dance and team dances at Lodge 104 Pow Wow, E8 Conclave, and National Order of the Arrow Conference.

Contact Information:

2024 Chairman: Max Phillips

2024 Adviser: Jeff Brewer
Email: dance@lodge104.net


These are the brothers who help with many different tasks to make ceremonies, singing and dancing possible. One task is building the fires and setting up the ring so that the ceremonies may take place. Brothers may also serve as torch bearer during ceremonies. Others may set up sound systems and equipment.  For the truly crafty person, individuals may also construct items or regalia to be used by the Lodge Ceremony Team, Dance Team, or Drum Team.

Contact Information:

2024 AIA Chairman: Lalan Brewer
2024 AIA Advisor: Lucas Neas
Email: aia@lodge104.net

Important Dates:

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Carolina Indian Seminar: January 19-21, 2024

Spring Powwow: March 15-17, 2024

GentgeenAugust 17, 2024

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