All information beyond this point is for Election Team Members

Election Team Material

If asked, we urge you to answer the call and become an election team member. Your chapter Vice Chief of Administration should know most of the nuts and bolts of conducting an election, but here are some tips for YOU to making an impactful election.

  • Explain what the Order of the Arrow is. Many scouts only have a vague idea of what the OA is. They might have heard rumors of boys dressed as Native Americans and a weekend of being alone at camp.  The election is your chance to explain what the Order is really about; this may include the Order being an honor society, a service organization, and a load of fun. If there is time, briefly share the most appealing parts of the OA experience such as Conclave, patch trading, leadership opportunities, etc.   The OA is an opportunity for the Scout to become a better member of his unit.
  • Paint a picture of what the ideal candidate should look like. An ideal candidate should follow the Scout Oath and Law, be a positive example to others, and improve the troop as a whole. Think of who you have admired at different points in your scouting career. Remind the scouts, however, that the election is NOT a popularity contest.
  • Promote summer camp, especially Camp Durant. What, really? This might be a surprise, but promoting Camp Durant or camps, in general, does have a place in the election. While not an actual part of the election itself per se, camping promotion is something the order can and should do. (It will also get your chapter points for awards such as JTE and ROTH)

Keep these tips in mind as you visit troops this year. Although it is not an exhaustive list of what should be covered, these pointers will help aggrandize the success of your team’s impression on the scouts. If you are not asked to be on a team but would like to, communicate your interest to your chapter’s Vice Chief of Administration.

Election Administration

This section is meant for Chapter Leadership to learn the election administration process. The process from start to end can be very long but if every step is followed, you’ll come to realize that it’s simple. Below is a diagram of the entire process. Click the image to view larger.

Step 1 – Unit Leader request election

This first step can happen in many different ways. The preference of the lodge is for units to contact the chapter via the form on this page. By using this method, requests can be tracked and it’s easier to see if one slips through the cracks. The other methods are up to each chapter. If you have working relationships with unit leaders and prefer to call, email, text, or speak face to face with units, by all means, pursue every avenue.

Step 2 – support system

This step is new for 2021. To better assist chapters with requests from the website form, the requests are routed to the support system. In the support system, multiple chapter officials will be able to see and respond to the unit. In the old system, requests were routed just to the chapter adviser. This step will allow the work to delegated easier. Chapter Advisers and Chapter Chiefs will be added by default. To add additional chapter officials, please see the information farther down this page regarding “Access”. To use the support system, please take the Support System Training in the Training Portal once it is assigned to you.

Step 3 – Agree on an election date

This step is the first part of speaking to the unit. Find a date, time, and location for the unit visit. This information is vital to the next step.

Step 4 – Schedule election in LodgeMaster

This part is very important. As soon as you have the information from the step above, go into the induction module. Click the grey button on the right labeled “Visit & Election Management.” In here, find the unit. Once you’ve found the unit, click schedule up towards to top of the page. Then enter the information and click save. The scheduled election is now visible to anyone in your chapter who has induction module access and the Lodge Leadership. You can watch the demo below as well.

Step 5 – Obtain Eligible Youth Data

While this step is optional, we highly recommend trying to obtain the eligible youth data prior to the election. By obtaining the data prior to the election, it allows ballots to be prefilled and printable from LodgeMaster, it also prefills all the reports that must be brought to the election. This will simplify the work your election teams have to do at the election.

To add youth data to an election that has been scheduled, return to the “Visit & Election Management” page. Find the unit and click edit up at the top. The last section of this form will be called “Eligible Youth.” Here you can add all the youth. 

The following data points are required to prefill youth data. Please specify these when speaking to the unit.

First Name, Last Name, BSA ID, Gender, Date of Birth, Mailing Address

Optionally – please get a scout email and a parent email. This will help with the automated emails that come later.

Step 6 – Forms for the Election

Forms for the election are now obtainable from LodgeMaster and not our website. To find these forms, head back to the induction module and again click on “Visit & Election Management.” Find the unit you’d like to print or export the forms as a PDF for. Selection the unit in the list and then find “Unit Reports” in the top red menu bar. When you hover over, you’ll see three options.

Unit Election Report – This form is a simple way to keep track of which youth were elected and which were not. Additionally, it allows you to fill in the information you’ll need to submit the election results.

Candidate Information Form Report – This report will allow you to get all the information you need on the elected candidates. This is useful if you didn’t prefill all the candidate data prior to the election but it’s also helpful if you’re missing a few data points.

Unit Election Ballots – Either the chapter can print these or you can also save them as a PDF and request the unit print these for the election.

Step 7 – Conduct the Election

The way an election is conducted hasn’t changed. Please conduct the election as specified at the start of the page.

Step 8 – Fill out Election Summary in LodgeMaster

This is one of the final steps a chapter must do in the election process. Once the election is complete and you have your forms filled out, return to the “Visit & Election Management” page in LodgeMaster. Find the unit and then click “Post Results” up near the top. This will bring up the same form you’ve seen before with some extras at the bottom. Make sure all the data you’ve filled in before is correct. If the unit would like to nominate a ScoutMaster in secret, please change the unit leader information to that of another one that is not also the Chairman. Data such as Youth Leader, Chairman, OA Rep, and OA Rep Adviser are optional but appreciated. Eligible youth need to be filled out completely before submitting. See the demo video for more info on the youth. Lastly, fill out the election report with the information from the Unit Election Report brought to the election.

Step 9 – submit

The last step for the chapter is to click “Submit for Approval” in the top right of the page. This will then be sent to the Lodge for approval.


This page is currently being updated. Come back another time to see if more information has been added.