All information beyond this point is for Election Team Members

Election Team Material

If asked, we urge you to answer the call and become an election team member. Your chapter Vice Chief of Administration should know most of the nuts and bolts of conducting an election, but here are some tips for YOU to making an impactful election.

  • Explain what the Order of the Arrow is. Many scouts only have a vague idea of what the OA is. They might have heard rumors of boys dressed as Native Americans and a weekend of being alone at camp.  The election is your chance to explain what the Order is really about; this may include the Order being an honor society, a service organization, and a load of fun. If there is time, briefly share the most appealing parts of the OA experience such as Conclave, patch trading, leadership opportunities, etc.   The OA is an opportunity for the Scout to become a better member of his unit.
  • Paint a picture of what the ideal candidate should look like. An ideal candidate should follow the Scout Oath and Law, be a positive example to others, and improve the troop as a whole. Think of who you have admired at different points in your scouting career. Remind the scouts, however, that the election is NOT a popularity contest.
  • Promote summer camp, especially Camp Durant. What, really? This might be a surprise, but promoting Camp Durant or camps, in general, does have a place in the election. While not an actual part of the election itself per se, camping promotion is something the order can and should do. (It will also get your chapter points for awards such as JTE and ROTH)

Keep these tips in mind as you visit troops this year. Although it is not an exhaustive list of what should be covered, these pointers will help aggrandize the success of your team’s impression on the scouts. If you are not asked to be on a team but would like to, communicate your interest to your chapter’s Vice Chief of Administration.


Adult Nomination Form

This form is required for all adult nominations. Please fill out the form via your computer or by hand and email it to [email protected]. Once imported in Lodge Master, you’ll receive an email (can take several days).

Unit Election Worksheet

This document is to help while conducting the election. This form will not be submitted to the Lodge, feel free to mark it up.  Be sure to obtain signatures from the Unit Leader, indicating the results are accepted.  Keep this copy for your records.

Ordeal Candidate Election Summary (xls or pdf)

This spreadsheet will need to be filled out post-election via your computer. Please save the file and email it to [email protected] once completed. Please note that BSA IDs are required in order for an election summary to be properly processed.

Election Team Guide

The basic guidelines of running the election and should be read by every chapter’s Vice Chief of Administration.