The Unit Election is the beginning of a Scout’s journey in the Order of the Arrow. Each unit election is held at a Troop’s meeting by the local Chapter’s election team. Every youth member in the Order of the Arrow has been chosen by their peers.

What to Expect

All election teams will consist of at least two youth and one adult. Most elections can take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on your unit size. Prior to the election, some teams will ask for a list of eligible scouts in order to build a ballot and some will ask that the unit builds their own ballots. Before contacting your local chapter adviser, please have your list of eligible scouts prepared.

One of the missions of the Order of the Arrow is to promote camping. During your unit election, some teams will have a camping presentation in addition to the election presentation. This will include basic promotion of the Boy Scout High Adventure bases and the council local summer camp: Camp Durant.

As soon as the election is completed the unit leader may announce to the entire unit the names of members who have been elected. Some Chapters have a scheduled call-out ceremony during a district camporee or similar event. Please talk to your local chapter adviser about call-out opportunities when you schedule your unit election.

Important Files


An updated list of frequently asked questions can be found on our support website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a Unit Election

To schedule a unit election, please contact your local chapter based in your District.




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MimahukHighlanderJose Hernandez
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NeusiokNeuse RiverGary Deuger
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