Section W-3N’s Talako Lodge recently celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2018. Talako Lodge, meaning lodge of the high eagle, has a membership of less than one hundred members and has no chapters; instead the lodge holds monthly meetings, with an average attendance of thirty Arrowmen. 2019 Talako Lodge Chief Josh H. shared his thoughts.

“As a small lodge, we have the opportunity to make deeper and more personal connections with our members. At our fellowship, you could really see how all of these friendships have impacted the lives of so many Arrowmen.”

The 60th anniversary fellowship took place on Saturday in September. The event boasted nearly 100 attendees at Camp Tamarancho, located in Fairfax, California. At this event, Arrowmen were invited to shoot at the rifle range, inspect lodge patches, view OA history displays, share stories with other lodge members and attend a powwow. The 2018 Northeast Region Chief Justin St. Louis attended and spoke to the lodge about the future of the Order of the Arrow. Justin also noted during his speech how lodges like Talako, despite their small size, can have a significant impact on the program at a national level. Arrowmen in attendance were given commemorative flap to remember the night and celebrate their lodge’s anniversary.