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Fellow Arrowmen,

Over 95 years ago, a vision was proposed to better communicate with other lodges in the Order of the Arrow. This idea soon became the Grand Lodge Bulletin, first published by Grand Scribe William Stumpp in 1924. After undergoing a name change ten years later, the National Bulletin continues to be published today, albeit taking numerous forms including newspapers and pamphlets. However, one thing has remained constant over the years: the desire to share the story of our Order.

Overhauling the design, content and general purpose of a national publication is no easy feat. But like all great endeavors, it started with an idea few people believed would be successful. Following a discussion on how to best evolve the National Bulletin to meet the needs of our organization, the suggestion of publishing a long-form journalistic lifestyle magazine was presented. After months of planning and research, the national Order of the Arrow committee approved the project in May 2017, establishing a publication date for the following spring/summer. Over the course of the next year, a dedicated and diverse team of youth and adult Arrowmen worked to craft the story of the OA through inspiring narratives on service, engaging photography, and an appealing style. Following a plethora of phone calls, page drafts and content edits, the newest iteration of the National Bulletin was published in June 2018.

As you open the Bulletin, you may notice it does not feature news, updates, or generic event recaps. Each article offers something unique to a different reader, whether they are a Scout Executive, lodge adviser, or new Ordeal member. Each edition will tie the front content, center features and back-page insights together to a central essence. As you learn about the inception of the OA High Adventure program, as you follow a young Arrowman’s travels providing hurricane recovery in the Florida Keys, as you meet three generations of lifelong Arrowmen, take a moment to pause and think: what does the OA mean to me, and how can I best show others what it means to live by the Obligation? Never let loose the ties of brotherhood and remember to always serve cheerfully. Thank you for your continued support of the project, and enjoy this year’s edition of the National Bulletin.

Kyle Kipple

Publisher, National Bulletin


Do you have questions, comments, or feedback regarding the National Bulletin? Are you an Arrowman (youth or adult) skilled in Adobe InDesign, journalism, or photography and want to join the team? Send your inquiries to @email.