Aubrey Cover has recently returned from his second summer as a foreman for the OA Trail Crew (OATC) program at Philmont Scout Ranch. He first became interested in the OA Trail Crew program in 2011, a couple years before he had went as a participant. He thought it was a cool way to go to Philmont, but he was always busy attending national events and working at summer camp. Aubrey has attended two national jamborees, one world jamboree, and three NOACs; he ultimately attended OATC in 2014. He, along with a few other camp staff members, planned a road trip from Iowa to New Mexico to experience the program together. It was an experience that has shaped his life forever. Aubrey was inspired by his foreman, Casey Burns, and hopes that he impacts participants the same way his foremen impacted him. 

Aubrey is a graduate of St. Ambrose University with a degree in biology. He is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Konepaka Ketiwa Lodge in Section C-3B. Aubrey has previously spent seven years at Camp Loud Thunder in Illinois before beginning his work at Philmont in 2016. This past summer, he was able to help lead OATC participants in making more progress on their latest project: a new trail up Mount Phillips. He hopes that he can return for a third year at Philmont and serve the OATC program once again. 

Aubrey believes that, “…OAHA [for so many] is one of the most significant experiences in Scouting both introspectively and in service. Although it seems weird to travel just for ‘work and hiking’, in the end, it is an amazing experience which will ultimately ensure your continuance with the Scouting program.” He also discussed how being a foreman has helped him in his hobbies and schooling. He said that being a foreman gave him the necessary leadership skills to do an effective job as a ski patrol member and possibly as a future doctor. Aubrey wants to encourage all Arrowmen who are able to attend OAHA to go for it. “If you have the ability to go, take advantage of OAHA. Every base has a totally different experience and be sure to talk to your lodge chief or section chief about the scholarships available for Arrowmen like yourself.” 

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