Written by Owen Clapp

As the leaves begin to peek out of the bare branches of trees, there is another great expression of a Brotherhood of cheerful service on a local level every year. That event is known as Spring Pow-wow and as with every year, the event was a great time for all those who attended. All chapters were significantly represented and there was a thunderous amount of excitement for Conclave, scheduled a month after Pow-wow. Most chapters had a great presentation of the spirit theme of bananas, showing that they were ready and pumped up for Conclave.

This event provided a wonderful time for fellowship and American Indian Activities, with numerous people at the drum singing, dancing, and developing skills. Ceremonial competitions helped teams develop their skills and get ready for Conclave competitions. Spring Pow-wow is always a terrific way to kick off each lodge year, Arrowmen racing from their homes after a long break since Fall Fellowship. After many patches were traded, a deserving amount of new candidates going through the Brotherhood Trail and a subsequent ceremony, Sunday followed with a Scouts Own Service, an LEC meeting and everyone leaving excited for Conclave!

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