My thanks to the so many people that have served the Lodge this year and have helped us achieve so much.   How much?  Well, a fairly long list of things actually that ranges from membership, program, and events, support of our Council, service to our Camps, promotion of our core idea of camping and more.  So it is with pleasure that I am happy to report that Occoneechee Lodge will once again be recognized through the National Order of the Arrow as a Gold status Journey to Excellence Lodge.  This is no small achievement and this effort began back in January.  Each of you has played a role in us getting here.  

Someone asked me recently what I thought we needed to do in the coming months.  I believe it is to not be comfortable with what we have done and not settle into a routine such that we “turn the crank” each year.   Let’s certainly continue what we do well but also let’s look for ways to improve and keep it fresh.  Small and large things matter so I hope that you don’t feel like only the big ideas count.  

Finally, I want to thank Kevin Blackwood for his service as Lodge Adviser these past three years.  If you know Kevin then you know that he put every bit of his energy and creative talents into helping Lodge 104 succeed and growing a big program.   He leaves huge shoes to fill.  Thank you also to Meredith Blackwood for your support, encouragement and service to the Lodge.  I know that you will both continue to help make Occoneechee Lodge great.

Merry Christmas to everyone and let us have a great new year.


Keith Biegert
2017 Lodge Advisor

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