NEW Late Fee

Written by Owen Clapp

Save money by registering early through our online registration process for upcoming Lodge events! A new late fee penalty of $10 will be instituted in 2016 if you register within 7 days of any Lodge event; this is an increase of $5 from previous years. We hope this late fee penalty will encourage you to register early. Early registration provides the Food Committee an accurate headcount for the event which enables them to prepare enough food for participants. Late registrations cause a great deal of stress and last minute changes that will be alleviated by signing up early.


The best way to avoid the fee is to register far in advance. Starting today, all 4 of the major Lodge events are open for registration. If you register for all 4 events at once, you not only avoid the late fees, you’ll have exclusive access to buy a limited patch only available to All Event Registrants. Remember: if you pay on time, you avoid the late fee.

Event Registration