The Tipi

Written by Owen Clapp


2015 has brought many new changes, and one of the them is the appearance of a patch on the sash of Arrowmen within our Lodge. This patch is none other the Centuries of Service Award, or the Arrowman Service Award, which has come into play as a part of the Centennial Year of our Order. The requirements challenge both youth and adults to grow in their commitment to the values of the Order. Those who accept the challenge immerse themselves into the many ways that one can commit to helping out. The award is simple in it’s completion but comes with a time limit. All requirements must be completed by December 31, 2015, and can be found at this link:


The Lodge will not be together again until Spring Pow-Wow of 2016. Because of this, as long as the requirements are completed before December 31, 2015, you may bring the card to Spring Pow-Wow to be redeemed for the patch at the Trading Post. If you can not make it to Spring Pow-Wow, please send the card with another member who can redeem it in for you. We hope to see you all with this wonderful patch attached to your sash!