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Low Temps yet High Spirit

Temperatures may have been low, but the fire of cheerfulness kept all of us warm as we experienced Fall Gathering. People from all the chapters of our lodge came together for a great time. From American Indian Affairs to a banquet filled with cheerful arrowmen, the weekend was one to remember.  

The weekend started with everyone heading down to camp Durant, coming down to spend a great weekend as brothers united in fellowship. As the light in the sky slowly slid down under the trees, light was lit for the fire of the Rededication ceremony that was done in honor of our one hundredth year anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

The next morning brought a sleepy mist over lake Neloteer yet a sense of revitalized spirit that Saturday held. There was plenty of great things going on during the day, including ceremony training and service projects. A Powwow was even held during lunch over at the campfire arena, combining the delicious hot dogs and chips with the culture rich experience that came from the dancing and singing.

As the day went on, we all got ready for the Banquet. The lodge banquet held many of great highlights including the passing of the Lodge Chief Bonnet from A.J. Raulynightus to Gray Barnhill, instillation of the 2016 Lodge officers, AIA Awards, a Patch auction, and so much more that we all enjoyed in reflection of the year.

The vigil candidate were then escorted to their ceremony and the weekend came to a close. While this was the last lodge event of the year, it brought new excitement for the great work we will do as a lodge for the upcoming year. With the fire never ceasing in its burning passion that lies within us all, this next year is sure to hold the energy we were left with at the wonderful event of Fall Gathering.