Welcome to Lodge Leadership Development

I sat down with the Lodge’s Vice Chief of Program, Stephen Nuttall, to ask him a few questions about the 2014 LLD that took place in late November. Here’s what he had to say:

What is LLD?

A: LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) is our Lodge’s annual leadership seminar held at Campbell University.

Do I have to be a Chapter Chief or Lodge Chairman to attend LLD?

A: No! Anyone from the Lodge who is interested in learning how to become a better leader is welcome. There are sessions for everybody.


Gray Barnhill (left) and Nicholas Anderson (right) explaining Website Design and Production.

What was LLD like this year? How did it go?

A: LLD was great! We had approximately 90 people in attendance and I had some great feedback. There were around three sessions per time slot, and a fantastic keynote speaker who talked about a 30 hour firefight during his tour in Iraq.

What were some of the sessions topics this year?

A: There were sessions about AIA, being on summer camp staff, website & newsletter design, patches, and even a “Tour on Leadership” in promotion of our Conclave theme.


Patch Session at the 2014 LLD

Which one of those topics was your favorite?

A: I’d have to say my favorite session was the one about the OA Centennial taught by Stephen Frein and AJ Raulynaitis. They gave a lot of great information on how to take advantage of the 100th year in the Order.

Why should I attend next year?

A: You should attend next year because we have great instructors who teach about many different topics, and it’s hard to get that anywhere else. The leadership training can be applied to all your future endeavors, not just in Scouting. Plus it’s a blast!

So you want to be Chief?

So you want to be Chief?

I heard there was a keynote speaker. Who was it and what did he talk about?

A: Our keynote speaker was Frank Rodriguez who talked about a 30 hour firefight he was involved in during his tour in Iran. He linked his story back to what it takes to be a good leader and that it can be hard sometimes. His presentation was great and very engaging!

I wasn’t there this year. Where can I find some of the resources that were available at LLD?

A: You can find some of the presentations on the Lodge website under the “Downloads” tab and found in this post (below). Feel free to contact me if you want any other presentation that isn’t posted there.


Written by the Website Committee