Arrowman of Lodge 104,

Below are details regarding our November activities and the upcoming Sullivan OA Lodge Grand Opening and Winter Banquet.

The following four activities/events occur on December 1, 2012.
Upcoming Workdays: There is ONE Lodge workday planned over the next few weeks. You can find all of the information here. But we NEED YOUR HELP! This is the time to head to camp and provide some service! Bring $5 (Lunch and Patch) and a few friends! This will count toward your 104 hours of service (Did I mention service at camp counts twice as many hours?).

Brotherhood on December 1: The lodge will be holding a brotherhood trail on December 1st at Camp Durant. We are looking for Ordeal members who completed their ordeal in 2011. They need to be registered Boy scouts and have their dues paid. (Dues can be paid here.) We will meet at Campsite Beech at 1pm. The ceremony will follow immediately after the trail. We should be done by 3pm, depend on the number of candidates. Contact: Daniel Salgado & David Helbig for further details and questions.

Charley Sullivan OA Lodge Grand Opening: Everyone is Invited! This is a special, once in a lifetime, event that you don’t want to miss! We will cut the ribbon on the largest capital project the lodge has ever undertaken. We will hear stories of Charley Sullivan and thank all of our contributors that helped make it all happen. The building will be open to look around and the personalized bricks will be laid in the sidewalk. Join us as we celebrate the lodge building starting at 3pm on December 1st. This will then lead into our Winter Banquet program in the Grand Lodge.

Winter Banquet: Tickets are on sale now for our annual banquet style event on December 1st. The event is open to everyone, please see your chapter adviser for obtaining a ticket. (Prices: $18 until December 1, $20 at the door) The patch auction will start at 5pm and Dinner will be at 6pm. See you there!

Lodge Leadership Development: Our Lodge brothers gathered for our annual training event at Campbell University on November 10, 2012. We had a great time with training, fellowship and fun. I want to thank all of our participants for their engaged active learning. I also want to thank our trainers who took extra time to ensure the sessions were top notch! Another big thank you goes to our cook crew! They did an outstanding job and even made an OA cake (See below).

EC Results: At LLD, the Lodge Executive Committee met on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. You can soon view the entire LLD Lodge Executive Committee Meeting Minutes here. Please remember these are the tentative minutes, as they have not yet been approved by the committee. Also, you will find attached in this email, the commentary for the minutes. The commentary contains the highlights and some explanations from the minutes.

Holiday Challenge/50 Miler: Check out the latest information about the 50 miler here.


Yours in Southern Hospitality,
Todd Goldfarb
Lodge Chief

“The responsibility of a leader is to create the conditions for success.” -Anonymous