Hello Brothers!

I hope you have all rested well from this past weekend.  It was a tiring weekend for most, but a rewarding, fun and exciting time for all.

For those brothers who could not make it this past weekend, we had 165 new members successfully complete their ordeal with the service of 29 Elangomats.  Thank you to those who helped make the Ordeal experience a success from beginning to end!  In addition, we had a total of 324 Arrowmen in attendance at camp.  We also had 34 members seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow by completing the Brotherhood trail and their ceremony.  We welcome them and our 15 brothers who were called out to sit their Vigil Honor next month.  You can view their names here.

This Fall Fellowship marked our Lodge’s 75th anniversary.  This is a special time for us, we had guests (Past Lodge Chiefs, Lodge Advisers, etc.) join us camp for tours of our new facilities, and our re-dedication ceremony on Saturday afternoon.  Fall Fellowship had many other exciting events that included: Lodge Campfire on Friday night, Service Projects, Thunderfest/Birthday Bash, Pow Wow, and Elections.

We want to give a BIG thank you to our outgoing officers, Will Allen and Jonathan Boggs.  They have worked tirelessly over the past 2-3 years as lodge officers.  Will served as our lodge chief and has implemented many programs we will continue to use for years to come.  Jonathan facilitated the forming of our First Year Arrowman program; led and will continue to lead our cheerful spirit at Conclaves and Thunderfests.  Thank you.  The Lodge members also voted in our new slate of officers.  The results are: Lodge Chief: Todd Goldfarb, VC Program: Stephen Frein, VC Administration: Daniel Salgado, VC Communications: Brandon Kelly, VC Finance: Joe Lally.  We are a group of excited arrowmen and look forward to the next year!

We give a special thanks to our brand new Cook Crew staff!  They did an excellent job this weekend, in conjunction with the chapter’s support serving and cleaning.  If you would like to join their committee, feel free to send Austin Blackwood an email at austin.blackwood104@gmail.com.

*Congratulations to Lumbee Anilorac Chapter for winning the spirit stick for their ROBIN HOOD theme!

Finally, saving the best for last, I want congratulate and welcome our newest members into the lodge.  I hope you can all attend your first chapter meeting soon.  See here for details.  I challenge each of you to get involved somehow in your chapter.  We could also use your help on the lodge level.  The lodge is joining forces this spring with the section (The group that serves a number of lodges) to host a 1,200 person event at Camp Durant called Conclave.  Our hosting efforts call for 600 arrowmen from Occoneechee Lodge.  This means you!  If you are interested in serving on our special host staff, please email Jonathan Boggs (Chairman) and Kevin Blackwood (Adviser) at jmboggs0311@email.campbell.edu and wuffpack@gmail.com.


Todd Goldfarb
Lodge Chief