Order of The ArrowSo this summer, you decided to go to Camp Durant for Summer Camp. First off, excellent choice! You are lucky enough to attend a camp that employed the Lodge Chief and all the Vice Chiefs, the first time in quite a while that this momentous occasion has occurred. So as a Brother, what can you do with Occoneechee Lodge? There are several Order of the Arrow events that occur each week at Camp Durant. On Monday afternoon, if you are an Ordeal member and are eligible for Brotherhood, then you can meet with me for the Brotherhood trail. This meeting is just for information so Brotherhood Candidates can study for the trail, which takes place Wednesday afternoon at the Outdoor Skills shelter. Monday evening we have the Order of the Arrow Ice Cream Social, where, as an OA member, you are welcome to come hang out with the Chiefs, eat some ice cream, meet people, and enjoy some cool air conditioning in the heat of Camp Durant. Wednesday night the Order of the Arrow runs the Campfire, conducting our weekly call out ceremony. Regarded as one of the coolest ceremonies on the East Coast, it is worth every minute of your time. Finally, Wednesday night following the campfire we conduct the Brotherhood Ceremony, for those candidates who went through the trail in the afternoon. There is so much OA-wise going on at camp, that you would be missing out on a lot by skipping out! See you at Camp Durant!!

John Taylor
Lodge Chief