Several of our fellow Arrowmen have been deployed overseas, and as a Lodge we can do something to show them our support. March 15th at Powwow we will collect items that can be packed in the care boxes. We will pack about a dozen boxes filled with items that will support our brothers overseas.

Items that we will be collecting are:

Hand Sanitizer
Magazines (cars, sports)
Air Freshener (not aerosol)
Packs of Gum
Powdered Energy Mix
Playing Cards
Hard Candy (ex. Jolly Ranchers)

Please feel free to bring other items that you feel should be included in the package that may not be listed above.

Any liquid items such as hand sanitizer needs to be double bagged in plastic bags. If it is possible that it may leak in the mail, it will leak.

These items will be collected and packed at the Grand Lodge during our Friday night Cracker Barrel. Bring one of these items so that we can support our brothers overseas.

Lucas Thompson