PRISM is a program of the National Order of the Arrow and the Summit Bechtel Reserve.  Questions regarding attendance, registration or anything else related to PRISM should be directed to the PRISM registration team.   Members from the Occoneechee Lodge that received a ticket to PRISM and wish to ride together as part of the contingent should:

  1. Be confirmed with the PRISM Registration team.
  2. Follow the PRISM attendee instructions you have received.  (If you have not received information, contact PRISM)
  3. Meet at the Council Office on June 22 at 11:30AM having eaten lunch or brought something for the ride.
  4. Bring all medical forms, Youth Protection forms and anything else that you believe is necessary.  (see instructions from PRISM)
  5. Bring spending money for a dinner stop on the way up and maybe lunch on the way home.
  6. Pack and bring all things necessary for camping at the Summit.  Plan to carry your items as indicated in the PRISM instructions.

Itinerary (subject to revision):

 June 22
 11:30 am Meet at the Council Office
12:00 pm Depart for SBR – PRISM
5:oo pm Stop for Dinner – Crossroads Mall, Bradley, WV.
(Options – Chic-fil-a, Steak Escape, Habaneros Mexican)
6:15 pm Arrive Summit Bechtel Reserve
June 23-24 PRISM Program at SBR per the email they have provided.
June 25 Breakfast at SBR
9:00 am Depart SBR
2:00 pm Arrive Occoneechee Council Office

Participants were chosen by random drawing from tickets provided to the Lodge and also random selection by the National OA Prism Committee.  The Youth/Adult ratio was not pre-determined or required.  The registration cost of PRISM is the responsibility of the individual.

Name Age How travelling
C Bardin Y van w/ Lodge
K Blackwood A van w/ Lodge
W Breneman Y van w/ Lodge
D Cameron Y van w/ Lodge
L Evans Y van w/ Lodge
D Ezzell A Truck & Trailer
C McKee A van w/ Lodge
J Polonio Y Driving Self
W Polonio A Driving Self
J Puckett Y van w/ Lodge
J Sommer Y van w/ Lodge
J Stewart A Truck & Trailer
R Tomczak Y van w/ Lodge
G Tompkins A van w/ Lodge
S Volk A van w/ Lodge
T Wells A van w/ Lodge
B Wester Y van w/ Lodge