Hello Occoneechee Lodge!

I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season. Thank you all so much for attending Winter Banquet. We hope you enjoyed all there was to offer!

For those of you who were not able to make it, I encourage you to put it on your calendars now for next year. This is a one day event that you don’t want to miss!

Winter Banquet was held on Saturday, December 3rd. The night started off with an auction and trading post sales. There were many cool items in the auction available to bid on. Some items included rare patches, belt buckles, and other cool collectibles. There was also new merchandise in the trading post. Once everyone arrived, the party began. Santa and Thundy arrived and were immediately busy taking photos with scouts and scout families.

The banquet began with dinner and fellowship. Prime rib and chicken breast were served. There was a hot chocolate station as well with more toppings than anyone can think of. Dinner was a very memorable experience. As dinner wrapped up, the awards presentation began. 

Congratulations to all award recipients!

Troop Service Award

-Reagan Terwilliger              -Sean Coleman

-Kara Knudson                     -Cj Stubblefield

-Camden Terwilliger             -Daniela Sotto

   -Matthew Bell

104 Service Award

-Matt Breneman                   -John Bardin

-Sam Chittick                        -Bob Gamble

-Jacob Labaza                      -Greg Grimes

 -Paul Huffman

Key Three Award

-Samuel Harrelson              -Ethan Cameron

 -Paul Huffman                     -Tina Deagan

James E West Fellowship

-Sam Chittick                     -John Sommer

 -Vern Unruh

Chief’s Award

Netapolis Chapter

100% Brotherhood Conversion Award

-Troop 922                        -Crew 1040

-Pack 205

Founder’s Award

-Jacob Labaza                    -Greg Koonce

    -Paul Morrisette

Roth Award

The One,The Only!… Netami Chapter

A special thank you to our outgoing leadership. Thank you, Jacob Labaza (Lodge Chief), Kara Knudson (VC of Finance), Samuel Harrelson (VC of Communications), Trent Leone & Bert Rudolph (VC of Programs), and Sam Chittick (VC of Admin). Thank you for everything you all have done to make this lodge great!

Here is a message from our previous Lodge Chief, Jacob Labaza,

“This past year has been a privilege and an honor serving as your Lodge Chief. Leading the Lodge, it has been incredibly rewarding seeing things come together for each and every event. At our usual major events—Fall Fellowship, LLD, Winter Banquet, Spring Powwow, and Spring Inductions—we had 2000 attendees, we inducted nearly 300 new members, and 100 members completed their brotherhood. Additionally, we sent a contingent to Conclave and NOAC. All these events were filled with fun, fellowship, and service; but also a few challenges along the way.

Together we overcame ruptured water lines, a burnt down food truck, two building fire scares, and numerous smaller bumps along the road. Thanks to the incredible flexibility and creativity in face of significant obstacles we were able to ensure clean and sanitary water conditions so the event could continue as planned; similarly, when our food truck burst into flames, the food committee was able to coordinate and keep everyone well fed. In the face of these hiccups, the events were able to run seamlessly, to the point that many Arrowmen didn’t realize anything was ever amiss. I am grateful to everyone who makes all we do possible.

Looking forward, I have no doubt that we will remain strong, and continue the momentum of growth in numbers and service. The strength of the Lodge truly lies in its members. So please, I urge you to remain actively involved and encourage your friends to get involved. There is a place for everyone—regardless of age, ability, or experience. I urge you to contribute to the success of the OA in your chapter and the Lodge. Come to events, build new relationships, seek out the experience you want to have. The Lodge offers extremely valuable opportunities if you’re willing to make the investment. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

I look forward to the coming year. The lodge is in great hands as the new leadership team takes the helm. With their guidance and the contributions from every Arrowmen, 2023 promises another amazing year. So as my term as Lodge Chief finishes, I would again like to thank you for all your support. I am grateful for having such an opportunity to serve as your Chief and give back to the Lodge which has given so much to me. This experience has exceeded all my expectations. I cherish our year together, and I once again thank you for making it fantastic!”


Jacob Labaza

2022 Lodge Chief

A huge congratulations to this year’s upcoming lodge leadership! Congratulations to Kara Knudson (Lodge Chief), Samuel Harrelson (VC of Communications), Bert Rudolph (VC of Programs), William Morrison (VC of Admin), and Armando Reyes-Arroyo (VC of Finance). I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say I am excited to see what amazing things you can do for Lodge 104!

Here is a message from the upcoming Lodge Chief, Kara Knudson, 

Hello Occoneechee Lodge, 

This is Kara Knudson, your 2023 Lodge Chief. I want to start off by saying a big thank you to Lisa Sommer and all the people that helped set up Winter Banquet this year. Winter Banquet was a great success! Winter Banquet allows us to recap the amazing year of 2022 and kick off the start of a new one. This year one of my goals is to get people involved, whether that be with your chapters, on ceremonies team, dancing, being an elangomat or nimat, photography or helping another committee. There is always something fun to do! I’m ecstatic for 2023 with all the fun and fellowship to come be sure to tell your friends to come out to OA events.Thank you to everyone that attended Winter Banquet. I hope you have a fun and safe holiday season!


Alex Wesdock

2023 Tipi Chairman