On Monday, June 21st, 2021 at 9:00PM, scouters from across the state gathered individually in front of their TVs all tuning into the same show, America Ninja Warrior. This is because a former Occoneechee Lodge Member and current Camp Durant Staff member, Brett Hernandez-Strong was making his debut on the program at the age of 19. Running under a shortened version of his name, B. Strong surely gave everyone watching a great show and even had part of his hometown highlight filmed at Camp Durant! B. Strong started the course strong blasting through the first 2 obstacles in around 20 seconds. Next, B. Strong nailed the balance obstacle and then proceeded to the Air Surfer obstacle where he made it look easy! He then sailed through the 5th obstacle and was on to the dreaded warped wall. B. Strong chose to attempt 18 mega wall which is much harder compared to the regular 14.5 warped wall many competitors finish off with. Although, with this higher wall comes a greater reward. B. Strong took his running start and climbed that wall without an issue, becoming just the second competitor to complete it this season and the shorted competitor to ever complete it. B. Strong slammed the finish buzzer and claimed the $10,000 reward that comes with completing the mega wall. We are very proud of Brett and are looking forward to seeing him in future America Ninja Warrior episodes!