Greetings Occoneechee Lodge!
We are in need of some elangomats for our upcoming Ordeal Event, Spring Inductions. Elangomat’s will make up a small portion of the staff that will be allowed into the event. Details about the event is below.

Reminder: Spring Inductions is an Induction only event meaning that an Induction will be the only thing taking place. The only members allowed into camp this weekend will be the Ordeal Candidates and the staff that will assist in the induction process. We look forward to a time when we can welcome everyone back to camp

Event Information:

Spring Inductions will take place March 19-20 at Camp Durant. We need 10 Elangomats to assist with the Ordeal. For those that don’t know Elangomats will escort Ordeal Clans throughout there activities during the weekend. Elangomats will sleep underneath the stars with the candidates and lead the candidates through their day of service on Saturday. Elangomats will be released to go home following their clans Ordeal ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Where to Sign Up:

If you wish to serve as an elangomat for the event please sign up via the button below. Please note: signing up does not guarantee you a spot as an elangomat, it merely lets us know of your interest. The Ordeal Committee will select from the group of voluneers and notify those chosen of their selection. The final number of Elangomats to be chosen is due to COVID Restrictions. Those selected will be expected to attend a pre-event elangomat meeting to prepare for the event. The interest form will close on February 24th.