On January 10, 2020, the Lodge Executive Committee held a meeting where several changes were approved for this upcoming year. The changes were made in hopes to give our Lodge members the highest quality events that we can offer this year given our current circumstances within the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes will be described in detail below!

Event Name Changes: 

Based on the current outlook of the pandemic, we will not be able to hold our normal March event. The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) has decided the March event will be focused and centered around the induction of new members, meaning the only thing taking place at the event will be an induction. In a normal year Spring Pow-wow is our March event, however this is not a normal year. Because there will be no Pow-wow or other AIA activities taking place at our March event we have decided to switch the name of our March and May events. As of 1/10/2021, until otherwise notified, our March event, currently scheduled for March 19-21, 2021 will be called Spring Inductions. We hope to be at a place where we can hold the Spring Pow-wow event on the weekend of our May event, currently scheduled for May 14-16, 2021.

Changes to the March Event:

Because our March event is an induction only event, this event will only be open to Ordeal candidates and the invited staff members who will assist in the induction process. Those attending the event will be required to complete the pre-event health screening form, and abide by the health and safety precautions put in place by the LEC.


The SR-7B leadership and Conclave planning team has made some changes to the upcoming Cardinal Conclave event scheduled for April 16-18, 2021. This year when you register for Conclave you will be asked to choose a program area in which you would like to participate. Conclave attendees will be split into groups of 50 members called “cohorts”. This group will be composed of members who chose the same program area to participate in and will be made up of members from all six Lodges of the section. You will participate in your chosen program area throughout the entire event, no one will be allowed to participate in multiple program areas. The event will offer 10 different program areas, allowing for 10 cohorts. 600 members will be allowed to attend the event, Occoneechee Lodge has been delegated to have 175 members attend.

Although we may have members attending, we will not be gathering as a Lodge at the event, meaning there will be no Occoneechee Lodge Contingent to the Cardinal Conclave, anyone planning to attend will be on their own. Occoneechee Lodge is not responsible for any member who attends the event. There is no guarantee you will have other members of Occoneechee Lodge within your cohort. There is also no guarantee you will receive your first choice of program areas. 

More information about Conclave, the program areas, and Conclave registration can be found at the link below.

Brotherhood Bash:

The LEC also approved the creation of two events which will both be called “Brotherhood Bash”. These events will serve solely as an opportunity for members to complete the Brotherhood trail. No dates are set, though we are planning to have one Brotherhood Bash in the Spring season, and one in the Fall season. More details about these events will come.