Will You Answer The Call?

Do you remember your Elangomat? An elangomat is your guide through the Ordeal process and it’s their responsibility to lead you in cheerful service. We want every candidate to have a memorable experience at Fall Fellowship! When you serve as an elangomat you will also get some great rewards for your service. These include:

  1. A Rare Ghost Elangomat Patch

  2. T-Shirt or $10 Certificate to the Trading Post

  3. Milkshakes from the trading post

If you’re interested in being an Elangomat, use the button to below to volunteer. The volunteer form does not include event registration. If you haven’t registered for Fall Fellowship yet, use the red button below to register.

*All Elangomats will still need to take their tempature for 14 days and fill out the health form attached belows*