The Website Committee has built a brand new unit election portal for chapters and units to use during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This system allows for our lodge to track unit elections from start to finish.

Our main website allows for unit leaders to request a unit election via a form that sends an election request to a Chapter Adviser. The Chapter Adviser will have an account on our unit elections portal and logs the request. The Chapter Adviser then responds to the request via email and gives the Unit Leader an access key provided by the system and a link to the unit leader page within this unit elections portal.

The Unit Leader can then access the portal and put in all the vital information about the election candidates.

Once the time comes for the unit election, the election team can turn on voting within the unit election portal and give a completely anonymous voting link to the Scouts within the unit. Once the scouts vote, the system leaves a cookie on their device preventing them from voting more than once.

After voting is completed, the unit election team turns off voting and the election results are available immediately. The unit leader, election team, and lodge leadership all have access to view the results.



In order to get this system in use as soon as possible, the Lodge Leadership scheduled two training sessions for Chapter Leadership and any election team members. The recording for the final session is below and we invite you to watch it.


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