If you haven’t heard yet, Occoneechee Lodge 104 will be the service lodge for the hypest SR-7B Conclave on the weekend of April 12th-14th, 2019. Conclave 2019 is being planned by John Sommer. John is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member, and has served as the Ilau Machque Chapter Chief. He currently serves as the Logistics Chair and OA Commissioner at Camp Durant. He is an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 202 in Cary, NC. He has been to 2 Jamborees, 2 NOAC’s, Sea Base, NYLT, NAYLE, and NLS. He currently attends Campbell University and is majoring in Homeland Security/Emergency Management.

If you have been to a Conclave in the past 6 years, this Conclave is different because we are the service lodge, meaning this time we are running the show. This Conclave is an opportunity to represent our home camp, show how our lodge functions, and highlight our service to others within our section. Conclave requires that everyone in Occoneechee Lodge helps to get ready for this event. Arrowmen can start getting ready for Conclave by registering for Conclave using the button below.

While you are registering for Conclave, there will be a section asking you if you would like to be on the Conclave Staff. Of course, you would love to be on staff for the 2nd largest gathering of scouts behind the World Jamboree later this summer. John would like all Occoneechee Lodge 104 Arrowmen to sign up to staff at Conclave 2019. To staff at Conclave 2019, you will need to select your top three committees that you would be willing to serve on. Some of the Committees are; Logistics, Food, Shows, Trading Post, AIA, Recognitions, and Hospitality just to name a few. Some Committees need special skills such as Cope and climbing, shooting sports, and health and safety.

If you don’t know what Committee to join, think about what you enjoy in the Order of the Arrow or what you would like to know more about. Some Committees require fewer Arrowmen, but some require more. For those unsure of which committee to join, John recommends that you join the Foods Committee, Campsites Hosts, Security, or Shows. For those who have been in the OA for a good amount of time consider joining the Hospitality, Shows, Grill, Trading Post, Registration, or Recognitions Committees. AIA and Shooting Sports have subcommittees that are also available for volunteers.

Once you have completed registration for Conclave 2019 you will receive an email indicating the committee for which you have been assigned. Conclave 2019 will have a lot of activities throughout the weekend’s event for which you will be an integral part.

Our Mountain Biking program will debut at Conclave 2019. The Lodge is opening up Shootings Sports, and our Climbing tower for this event. This year, the section will be having Chicken Waffles for Breakfast, which sounds delicious, doesn’t it? As mentioned earlier, the section’s goal is for 1,702 Occoneechee Arrowmen to attend Conclave 2019. Camp Durant will need to be in its best shape for Conclave. The focus for Spring Pow Wow will be for the Lodge to prepare our camp for Conclave by servicing the Camp and the Conclave Committees to get ready for Conclave 2019.

To the right are the dates of the Conclave Workdays and the link to register for the workdays. “We need everybody’s help for the Workdays, everyone’s work is valued,” said John Sommer. The cost is $5 a workday which includes lunch and a patch at the end of the day.

Workday Dates

  • January 12th, 2019
  • February 9th, 2019
  • February 23rd, 2019
  • March 9th, 2019
  • April 6th, 2019

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