In June 2019, Philmont Scout Ranch will be hosting an event the likes of which Scouting has not yet seen. This event, the National Scouting Historian Summit, is being co-sponsored by the National Scouting Museum and the Order of the Arrow. The National Scouting Historian Summit will teach Scouting historians how to excel in preserving and telling the many stories of Scouting.

Rather than teaching about the history of the Boy Scouts of America itself, the summit will teach techniques for how those enamored with Scouting history can do their best work as historians. With classes on archiving, inventory control, evaluating artwork, and historical storytelling, no stone will be left unturned in revealing how to best keep Scouting history alive. The quality of training at the summit will be second to none.

Another great aspect of the summit is, of course, it’s location at Philmont, and at a very unique time in Philmont’s own history. The National Scouting Museum has recently moved to Philmont Scout Ranch, and attendees will have the chance to learn plenty of Scouting’s history as they learn how to be Scouting historians. After the fires of this past summer, Philmont is earnestly welcoming the summit’s attendees as they help support Philmont through their attendance. Lead adviser for the summit, Bill Topkis, describes the summit as “a good thing for Philmont.” One attendee said, “I’ve been looking for a good excuse to go to Philmont, and now I have one.”

The summit is open to anyone that would like to come – youth or adult, experienced or just getting started – that has an interest in honing their historian skills. Topkis notes that the summit is intended for “all levels” of interest in being a Scouting historian. The National Scouting Historian Summit will be the premier OA program to attend during the summer of 2019. No matter who you are, the National Scouting Historian Summit is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your ties to Scouting and our brotherhood.

The National Scouting Historian Summit will be held at Philmont Training Center from June 9-15 2019. More information can be found online.