With the recent announcement of the closure of Philmont Scout Ranch for the 2018 season, summer plans for a large number of Scouts and specifically Arrowmen have been impacted.

Due to this unprecedented and unfortunate event, the National Order of the Arrow Conference Committee would like to help ensure that Arrowmen can still participate in a great Scouting experience this summer.

Accordingly, any Arrowman who planned to attend Philmont this summer can still register for NOAC with no registration late fees assessed.

Arrowmen in this situation can register for conference in one of two ways:

  • Council contingents: With the approval of the contingent leadership, Arrowmen can join their lodges at NOAC. Previous registration quotas do not apply, and the youth:adult ratio requirements will be relaxed, if impacted.
  • NOAC Staff: Individuals can join the NOAC Service Corps or other conference committee with the approval of the committee lead adviser.

How to register:

  • Council Contingent Registration: Impacted Arrowman should contact their lodge contingent leader. If the lodge contingent can accommodate, the lodge contingent leader should notify @email to onboard new contingent delegates. Councils will not be assessed conference registration charges for impacted delegates until after their attendance is confirmed.
  • Staff Registration: Impacted Arrowman should send an email note to @email indicating that they would like to apply for staff.

We are asking contingents and staff registrants to notify the registration team via @email by July 15th, if they would like to attend. While we recognize that this is a short window of time, our Contingent & Staff Services team must have accurate delegate and staff counts for final planning purposes.

This is a difficult time for our beloved Philmont and the Scouts impacted by its closure this summer. We want Arrowmen who otherwise would have gone to Philmont to have an opportunity for a great Scouting summer. Thank you for your support in providing this alternative option to impacted Arrowmen.

Anthony Peluso, National Chief
Michael Kipp, National Vice Chief
Clint Takeshita, 2018 NOAC Chairman
Matt Dukeman, National Director