Will you answer the call?

Do you remember your Elangomat? An elangomat is your guide through the Ordeal process and it’s their responsibility to lead you in cheerful service. We want every candidate to have a memorable experience this Spring Inductions. If you have any interest in being an Elangomat at Spring Inductions, we encourage you to attend this training.

It takes, on average, 35 Elangomats per induction to have a successful Ordeal. We need both youth and adult elangomats. If you’ve gone through this training in years past, we encourage you to take the class again and refresh your knowledge.

Those who volunteer to be an Elangomat at the next induction weekend will receive a(n):

  1. Elangomat Patch
  2. T-Shirt or $10 Certificate to the Trading Post

If you intend to take the training course, let us know on the sign-up form. If you haven’t registered for Spring Pow-Wow, now is a great time to do that as well.

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