By Owen Clapp

Arts, science, parties, and furious library studying are all commonalities on a college campus, but for the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business at Campbell University, every first weekend of November a host of Arrowmen come in to develop their leadership skills at Lodge Leadership Development.

Thunderbirds from throughout Occoneechee Lodge came together November 11-13 to participate in various sessions to help them magnify their work as chapter officers, committee chairmen, lodge officers, or even as prospective leaders within the lodge. Many sessions touched on the various interests of people in attendance but by far, according to Dakota Cameron, the Training Chairman in charge of the event, “the highlights would be the AIA/Patch classes.” Cameron said that among the classes he was able to look in on, these two were the “most populated.” Everyone reportedly was committed to learning and development, taking away great skills, practices and tips from the weekend. Of course, in between all of the great sessions were the meetings of the Lodge Executive Committee, working out motions with parliamentary procedure and taking a sick mannequin challenge video to figure out the Lodge Planbook.

One of the special aspects of Lodge Leadership Development is the annual guest speaker who addresses the participants in one of the larger school of business classrooms. This year’s speaker was a veteran, Major General Nick Justice, who according to Cameron, spoke of “his time in the military,” and how “when he was drafted, he was made Company Cadet Commander because he was Boy Scout.” As with many of the selected speakers at LLD, the impact of the Scouting program is a consistent message. Once again a new year of leadership promises to be successful with a newly charged slate of officers, as well as prospective new leaders ready to step up!

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