David Crowley | Netami Chapter Adviser (left), Drake Sandman | Netami Chapter Chief (right)

At Fall Fellowship this past weekend, Netami chapter was hard at work in the Holt Thornton Ceremony Ring. They spent 5 hours of their Saturday building and installing new benches that would replace the old logs previously used for seating. Drake Sandman, Netami’s current Chapter Chief, told us that they’re not done yet.


Holt Thornton Ceremony Ring

Plans are still in the works to replace the old candle holders and sash racks. The chapter is also evaluating the fire pit itself and may decide at a later point if it’ll need replacing. Sandman was pleased with the work they had accomplished and quoted, “what we did was a great way to begin putting our ring back in good condition.”

If you’re interested in updating a ceremony ring, please speak with your Chapter Chief. Every ring could always use an update.