Written by Owen Clapp

At every lodge event giant inflatables dominate the vista of Camp Durant and the many fun activities never fail to entertain and amuse. Anyone who is a member of Occoneechee Lodge knows what this is: Thunderfest!
This is the celebration that occurs on the Saturday evenings of lodge events. Ordeal members, after a long day of service, scant food, and silence, especially appreciate the excitement and energy that comes as a contrast at the end of the day. The event is certainly a reward and a pleasure to all Thunderbirds that attend but only one Arrowman can claim to be Thunderfest itself, Connor Bardin.
Connor has done a great job in the position as Thunderfest Chairman, organizing the event and making sure it goes off without a hitch. His success in this position has led to the selection of the Lodge’s Thunderfest event to be one of the few lodge events from across the nation to be presented as a best practice at the ‘NEXT: A New Century’ event this summer.
Connor has also served in other capacities, such as the Vice Chief of Finance for Kiowa Chapter. In this position, he worked for many patch opportunities and started the distribution of chapter T-Shirts, a first for Kiowa. A Brotherhood member of our lodge and a Camp Durant staff member, Connor Bardin truly is living as a brother full of cheerful service.