d8789bc393c54dd1d602551dc9a25b76ae246759~Members Only~

Thank you for volunteering as an elangomat for this weekend. Please arrive as you would for any of our other events by checking in at the administration building. We need you to arrive at camp by 7:00 PM so you can be at the 7:30 PM elangomat meeting. You’re marked in our system as an elangomat but remind the person who checks you in.

Once you’re checked in, please take yourself (and your gear) to the Sullivan Center Green Room. Please check-in with the Chief Elangomat at Sullivan, he’ll be in a blue shirt that says “CHIEF” on the back. The chief will give your assignments for the weekend at the 7:30 PM elangomat meeting held in the Green Room.

Please bring the same gear you brought to your own Ordeal. The gear you’ll need is as follows:

  • Tent
  • Tarp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Work Clothes
  • Any other items you bring to lodge events.

We look forward to seeing you at Spring Inductions.

Drew Bain
Vice Chief of Admin

Volunteer as an Elangomat