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Elangomats are the backbone of the Ordeal process and we’d like your help!

Do you remember your Elangomat? An elangomat is your guide through the Ordeal process and it’s their responsibility to lead you in cheerful service. We want every candidate to have a memorable experience this Spring Inductions. If you participated in the Elangomat Training at Spring Pow-Wow, we encourage you to put this training to use by volunteering for Spring Inductions.

If you did not get a chance to participate in the training, you still have the opportunity to serve as an Elangomat. We’ll be holding an abbreviated training session at 7:00 PM on Friday of Spring Inductions.

We currently have 178 candidates signed up and that number may get as high as 350. We need 1 elangomat for every 5 candidates. Those who volunteer will be receive a(n):

  1. Elangomat Patch
  2. T-Shirt or $10 Certificate to the Trading Post

If you’re interested in being an Elangomat, use the button to below to volunteer. If you haven’t registered for Spring Inductions yet, use the red button below to register.

Volunteer as an Elangomat  Register for Spring Inductions