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As Conclave gets closer and closer, I keep getting more and more excited! We are now less than 18 days away! Registration is still open, but if you have yet to register, please do so soon. Once the Section reaches 1500 people, registration will cut off due to capacity restraints. Please register as soon as possible: http://to.lodge104.net/conclavereg. Preregistration is required for this event and walk-up registration is not allowed.

Let’s Talk Spirit
Occoneechee Lodge’s theme is the Olympics! At Spring Pow-Wow we got ready and many chapters had different country ideas, but we want to focus on the athletics side during Conclave. Any Summer Olympic Sport will work! Swimmer, runner, soccer player, basketball player, tennis player, wrestler, volleyball player, or any other Olympian you want to be. If all of our contingent members come ready we will win the Spirit Cup! Whenever you think of Olympics, that’s what we want! If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to email me at chief@lodge104.net

I will see all of you at Conclave!

Gray Barnhill
Lodge Chief of Occoneechee Lodge