Written by Charlie H. Allen and Matthew Bobzien

Dear Brothers,

Do you remember your Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies? Do you remember the smoke and fire, the atmosphere and the regalia? They were amazing and a memory that will be with you forever. The Lodge currently has one Brotherhood Ceremony team but its continuity and enduring traditions are threatened. After serving for multiple years, one member of the team is aging out or moving on to greater things so this team will no longer be viable after Conclave. The Lodge is looking for new members to join the team. This is a great opportunity for you to join a ceremony team and share these memories with other Arrowmen. Ceremonies are an amazing and fun way to give back to your lodge and ensure the growth of our lodge. Please contact one of us if you would like to step up and become involved with this memory-­making team.

Thank you,

Matthew Bobzien, Brotherhood Chair


Charlie H Allen, Ceremonies Chair