In August, our lodge attended the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University. In the midst of the centennial celebration, the national chief, Alex Call, stepped onto the stage and dared all 15,000 Arrowmen to take part in a movement that could change the world: #DareToDo.

Up to NOAC, the centennial had been about celebrating the first 100 years of the OA. In his remarks, Alex began a pivot to the future: “we must also plot the course of what we will do and what we will be in the future. When we leave here in the next couple days, we will leave with the responsibility of laying the foundation for our next century of service.”

Alex dared all in attendance to take part in the #DareToDo movement. Accepting the #DareToDo is simple: make a difference in the lives of others by doing one act of service, and posting about it on social media, every day for 100 days. Arrowmen post their act through a photo or post to their social media with the hash tag #DareToDo. All of the Arrowmen in our lodge are challenged to participate in #DareToDo, and to encourage all of their friends (Scouting and non) to accept the dare as well.

Acts do not need to be monumental – the dare is all about getting everyone doing small acts of service consistently.

DareToDo also has a website,, as well as social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which will highlight some of the acts of service posted using the hashtag. The website also includes an interactive map to see the spread of the movement across the world. Arrowmen and their friends are encouraged to follow these accounts for inspiration, and to encourage others participating in #DareToDo.

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