The Charley Sullivan Lodge Building is over five years in the making. But the entire process has been years of plans and plans ever evolving to meet the current needs of the Lodge. Construction began with a decision by the Occoneechee Lodge Executive Committee at Fall Fellowship 2011 when the members decided it had 250,000 reasons to begin working on renovating the old dining hall into a premier training and fellowship facility.

Named in honor of the late Charley Sullivan (1920-2007), the renovation project received national recognition as a service project to be undertaken by the members of an OA Lodge. Charley served on the National Committee beginning in 1977. He always had an upbeat mood and knew how to work a crowd. He would share his ideas of the Vigil Lottery and 2 for 1 merit badges at summer camp. As the crowd would get riled up, he would have them right where he wanted. Needless to say, Charley was a joy to be around and we hope to continue his legacy with this building at Camp Durant.

The Sullivan Center has four new classrooms in the corners of the previous dining hall, with a multipurpose room joining the four at the center. (insert picture) On the vista side of the building, the museum stands tall, soon to hold the lodge’s past awards, memorabilia and, of course, patches. In the rear of the building, we have a modest kitchen, new bathrooms, workroom and office (as a part of the new addition). These rooms form the perimeter of the exterior entryway, holding our unfinished walkway. This is where we need your help.

From unplanned construction expenses and changes in building codes to unexpected material costs, you can imagine how projects of this scale can go over budget. Some items still have yet to be finished on the Sullivan Center including proper meeting furniture, door replacements and other furnishings needed to bring the project to a close.

You can be a part of this project with your tax deductible contribution of a memorial brick or other donation. Consider adding to the memory of Charley Sullivan and the lasting success of the Occoneechee Lodge by contributing today for a better tomorrow.

Help us finish the walk.

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