RALEIGH, NC – Happy July Brothers!  Since I said July, that means that there are less than 30 days until NOAC 2012!  My excitement is impossible to contain.  This is a quick update so that contingent members and followers can know where to meet and what to expect on our trip!  For the Northern Service Area, we will be meeting and boarding the bus at the Home Depot on Mount Moriah Church Road in Durham, NC on JULY 28TH! Please note, this is very EARLY in the morning.  We will be in Cleveland, Ohio on the 29th, where we will visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  GET EXCITED.  From what I’ve been told, you can spend all day in the Hall of Fame and still not see everything.  So once again, get pumped.  Get stoked.  Get ready.  We will check in to NOAC on the 30th and return to the Triangle August 4th late in the evening.  Once again, get excited.  Michigan State is awesome and we are about to bring ACC Swagger to Big Ten land.  We’re Number 1!

John Taylor
Past Chief