Last month during Spring Pow-Wow we had a large gathering at the dance arbor. Many people showed up including: dancers, singers, webelos, and the Eastern Bull drum. The webelos were entertained and even learned about Native American culture while they were at it. The Eastern Bull drum did an excellent job at this Pow-Wow and so did the dancers. Here are the winners of the 2012 Spring Pow-Wow Dance Competition for Lodge 104:

Senior Northern Traditional
1st Brian Allen (Eno Chapter)

Senior Grass
1st Tom Neas (Eno Chapter)
2nd Stuart Rose (Canotka Chapter)

Junior Southern Traditional (Straight)
1st Andrew Bain (Canotka Chapter)

Junior Grass Dance
1st Brenton Cameron (Natisihi Chapter)
2nd Stephan Nuttal (Eno Chapter)

Junior Fancy
1st David Lynn (Canotka Chapter)

We want to encourage the other 10 Chapters to send dancers and singers to the next Pow-Wow.  Also at Spring Pow-Wow we had ceremonies competition at he ceremonies rings. Here are the winners:

Kiowa: 1st place for Arrow of Light/Cross-Over
Neusiok: 1st place for Pre-Ordeal
Eluwak: 1st place for Brotherhood

We encourage the participation of all chapters at next year’s Spring Pow Wow!

Will Rea
AIA Chairman
Lodge 104