Although it is still a week out from Pow-Wow, weather is looking to be very nice. But, be prepared for the weather to change. If weather changes for the worse, lodge officers will make an on-site decision for the rescheduling and relocating of activities. changes. In addition, we’ve set up text notifications for participants attending. You can subscribe to these texts by following the instructions pictured below.

Text @104powwow to 81010. You may be asked to reply with your first and last name. Even if you’ve subscribed to this same group before, you’ll need to re-subscribe.

If 81010 doesn’t work, please text (919) 842-5005


Check-in begins at 5:00 pm on Friday. Please check-in at the administration building near the entrance of the camp. Check-in will close at 8:00 pm and re-open the following morning at 8:45 am in the blue room of Sullivan.

Brotherhood Trail

Pow-Wow is only days away. Please use the sign-up form to let us know if you are planning to journey the Brotherhood Trail at Spring Pow-Wow.  A study guide and other helpful materials are available at Please plan on meeting at the Beluga Club on Friday night at 8:45 pm. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Message from the Cook Crew

In order to help keep our Grand Lodge clean, we ask that chapters sit together as much as possible. After meals, each Chapter needs to clean up their area and ensure that their table(s) have been properly wiped down with all plates and silverware put away.

Service chapter information for serving and cleaning during the event can be found on the schedule. Please be sure that you’re on time, and that your chapter has the right amount of helpers to do the job they are supposed to do.

Elangomat Training

Do you remember your Elangomat? An elangomat is your guide through the Ordeal process and it’s their responsibility to lead you in cheerful service. We want every candidate to have a memorable experience this Spring Inductions. If you have any interest in being an Elangomat at Spring Inductions, we encourage you to attend this training.

Canned Food Drive

Do you want to have the best seats at the Saturday night show of Conclave? We do. Bring all the canned food your arms (or car) can carry to Spring Pow-Wow. The Lodge that brings the most cans will get the best seats at Conclave, located right in front of the stage.

Baseball Brawl Contest

The lodge has hit our first goal for Conclave Registration. That means that over 175 people have registered for Conclave. At our dinner assembly on Saturday, the lodge officers will be having a baseball brawl. They will be throwing hotdogs, and condiments at each other.

Disclaimer: No lodge officers should be hurt during this activity.

New Thunderfest Activity

This year, we are bringing new activities to Thunderfest. At Pow-Wow this year you can expect a Mario Kart Tournament on the Nintendo Switch, as well as our highly rated Team Trivia. If you want to start studying for trivia, our categories are: American Vehicles, and Marvel Movies.

COPE and Climbing Waiver

The climbing tower at camp will be open in the morning on Saturday of Spring Pow-Wow. In order to participate, all interested members must sign and bring the waiver found at the button below. For those under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also sign the waiver.

Vigil Breakfast

If you’re a vigil honor member, we’re holding a special breakfast for you on Saturday morning. The vigil breakfast is $5 payable at breakfast. We hope to see all Vigil Honor members there. Check your schedule for time.

Vigil Nominations Due

Vigil nominations are due this Sunday. If you know of an arrowman who you think is worthy of this great honor, please nominate them. The process is all online and only takes a few minutes. Learn more about the Vigil Honor and the nomination by clicking the button below.