What’s the Theme?

This year Occoneechee Lodge will be very spirited as we GO AND HIT HOMERUNS AT CONCLAVE! Now you may be asking now. How can we represent a baseball theme this year at Conclave? Well {$name}, that is a great question. If you have a baseball uniform. Wear it. If you have a baseball glove. Bring it. If you only have a baseball cap. Wear it.

Occoneechee Lodge has a long history of winning the coveted Spirit Stick at Conclave. Although we did not win it last year when over 300 people dressed up as bananas. We are going to bounce back stronger than ever.

Where is Conclave?

This year, Conclave will be held at Camp Cherokee in Yanceyville, NC. Tsoiotsi Tsogalli will be serving as the Conclave service lodge as well. Conclave will be held on April 20-22, 2018. So make sure you clear your calendars.


2018 Conclave Challenge

Besides being apart of the best lodge in the section. The lodge leadership has come up with some incentives for everyone to register.

175 Registered By Spring Pow-Wow

Do you remember the Taco Brawl or the Banana Pudding Battle of 2017? Well what food is more closely related to baseball than a good old-fashioned hotdog? Absolutely Nothing. If the lodge reaches 175 Arrowmen registered for Conclave by Spring Pow-Wow. All of the lodge officers will have a hotdog brawl. Complete with Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish to throw at each other.

250 Registered By Spring Pow-Wow

What does every good coach get after a win? A cold bath with Gatorade. Well, if the lodge reaches 250 Arrowmen registered by Pow-Wow all of the Chapter Chief’s will be able to give the lodge officers, a chilly bath with Thundy’s favorite sports drink: THUNDERADE!

350 Registered By Spring Pow-Wow

Who doesn’t want to watch the lodge officers be put into a dunk tank? Well, If the lodge reaches 350 Arrowmen registered by Pow-Wow. All of the lodge officers will go into a dunk tank at Thunderfest during Spring Inductions.

What are our Numbers?

Interested in finding out where our numbers currently stand? Check out the Conclave Stats page for an updated look.