NC Ghost Stories of SR-7B

NC legends & Ghost Stories flaps

NC legends & Ghost Stories Flap Set

Remember times of sitting around the campfire and telling ghost stories? Well now some of NC’s most famous ghost stories are brought to you in a series of flap patches… The NC Legends and Ghost Stories of the SR-7B area as presented by Occoneechee Lodge 104.

North Carolina is divided into 2 Order of the Arrow Sections; SR-7B extends from Central North Carolina east to the coast and SR-5 extends from Central North Carolina west to the mountains. Lodges of this area are Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70, Occoneechee 104, Croatan 117, Wahissa 118, Nayawin Rar 296, and Klahican 331.

The set is available by pre-order now and will be available at the SR-7B Conclave too, however by pre-ordering your set now, you can be guaranteed your set rather than standing in line at Conclave only to find the set has been sold out!

Would you like to have the entire set of NC Legends & Ghost Stories? Visit Catawba Lodge 459’s web site for NC Legends and Ghost Stories of SR-5 at: